Banquets in Hazratganj Lucknow

As time is moving faster, technologies are becoming advance. The work which we did in an hour, now that work is being done in some minutes or through some clicks. I am quoting this through my experience; I was an employee of PWD from 38years. Two days were left for my retirement; I had to give bid-adieu party to all my colleague and employees. For the party I just searched for the venue from internet and found the Myriad, and got the banquet hall booking done merely by few clicks.


Their hospitality was good as their booking, the banquet was spacious. The walls were covering the alluring portraits with a gorgeous combination of colours. The preparation of the whole party was at its utmost level, everything was just impeccable, and starting from decoration to the food everything was just perfect.

I was quite impressed while seeing the hospitality and the work of Myriad staff. The staff works so professionally, while attending every guest personally and taking care of their needs. Food was delicious, I really like the way staff serve the cuisines according to the liking of guests. We really enjoyed the day at Myriad.

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Myriad hotel is being a choice of Lucknow people. They give you a full comfort and luxury and providing deluxe room, banquet and business hall. They make your special day memorable one by their comfort, which would be unforgettable for their guest.

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