Changing Era: From Lakhanpur to Lucknow

As the time is changing, things are changing accordingly. Technology has made our life more advanced and easy, and we are adapting it in a facile way. When we talk about the ‘City of Nawabs’ “Lucknow”, we always talk about its Tahzeeb, Tameez about its historic importance. But here in this blog we talk about ‘Lakhanpur’ reversal to ‘Lucknow’. From the earlier time Lucknow is being known for its culture and tradition.



Lucknow – a city immersed in history, culture and food.

Here is a walking activity that takes you virtually into the Victorian era in Lucknow. The period in the 1800’s was famous for the Indian mutiny. Its history, politics, food, clothes, music, culture and language are traits of a city steeped in rich traditions.  The changing era of the city is being discussed here, as earlier we see the beautiful homes with traditional style house which depicts the Lucknow elevation. But now the city is changing from life style to infrastructure.

People prefer more the luxury of flats than huge houses of earlier times. To elaborate a recently built fly-over gives you a speedy leap from cantonment to the state capital’s VIP arena; from there we reach the Lohiya path, the state capitals only eight-lane lifeline which, takes you to the finest five star hotel of the city, Taj Vivanta. While talking about Gomti Nagar area, then it’s the contemporary colony like metro city people prefer with best of amenities and comfort of life. It has both independent houses and high rize apartement buildings.


While on the other hand of the city, erected in pink stone amidst acres and acres of glossy granite on the ground, the monument simply stands out as an architectural wonder that has added much to Lucknow’s skyline. For those who have witnessed the ‘Nawabi charm of the 18th and 19th century Imambara, the famous Rumi Darwaza, the grand old Chattar Manzil or the ruins of Dilkusha and the Residency, the Ambedkar memorial provides a completely different experience.

City in itself has two different faces, traditional facet and the modern facet which are very much peculiar from each other, Gomti River on bank of which the city is developed has also become a popular evening destination for people. In common parlance, it is referred to as Lucknow’s ‘Marine Drive’. We have witnessed Myriad changes and additions in the city over the recent past, and everyone has accepted them with great adoration.


While talking about Lucknow one could not forget about the taste of sumptuous Awadhi cuisines, with topping the charts the very famous and delicious Tunday Kababs

While Tunday Kababs was always associated with the narrow lanes and bylanes of Chowk or Aminabad- a new multi-storey food court like building marks the advent of the Tunday fine-dininge experience. Served in a rooftop restaurant along with McDonald like take-away in Kapoorthala complex, the Kababs have evolved from the streets of Lucknow!.

Also now style of serving the cuisines has changed from street to multiplexes and luxurious restaurants. From tenor to cuisines everything has been changed in some years of perpetuations.

The city is full of everything, both modern and traditional aspects of it are worth being part of and admiration.

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