Ambedkar Park: pith of Lucknow

When we talk about the city of nawabs “Lucknow”, we always talk about its Tameez and Adab. We have talked about historic places and famous cuisines of the city in our previous blog

elephants-at-ambedkar-memorial Lucknow is also very famous for other reason ‘Parks’, which makes the city even more alluring.
Ambedkar park which is considered the vitality of Lucknow, it’s an amazing place to visit during winters, place is made as leisure park with statues of elephant and a museum dedicated to life of Dr. Ambedkar The beautiful structure with red and pink stone, with pillar’s and plants all around give it a nice ambience to spend some quality time. It reminds us of the gardens of Mughal era.
The place looks more beautiful after sunset because of its lighting effects. Many Street shops are present near Park. There are also present two more parks and two malls which make the area look amazing. Ambedkar Park is one of the recent editions in the city, which has several other names like Ambedkar memorial, Ambedkar Udyan and many more. It has become tourist place and people visiting Lucknow don’t miss the place.

The park is basically known for its charm and Ambedkar memorial but the massive size and beautiful garden encompasses a number of things, which keep attracting people towards it. The beauty and its interesting features, solicit every tourist come down to this place to explore it and have a nice time here. The sanctum sanctorum consists of many statues depicting the biography of Ambedkar. There are four doors in opposite directions. Park is constructed in the shape of flower with four petals. The entire memorial is built using red sand stone imported from Rajasthan.
The main entrance to the memorial is guarded by statues of 62 elephants either side of the way. The engraving on walls reads, “it can be said for this memorial that never in the history of independent India has a project of this historic significance and mammoth scale been attempted nor has any project fired the imagination of the people of this land and evoked within them such a deep sense of pride.”

This place is for those who love to visit historical places… though its build in recent times, Maintenance of the place is deteriorating, but we can have a look at the museum, cemetery and overall it’s good for a walk amidst the greenery around the place. The large undulating green spaces in the heart of the city dotted with historical monuments. A walk around the monuments and gardens can be a very interesting and relaxing experience during pleasant weather.
Lucknow is heart of art, cuisine, dance, culture and music of Northern India. It was the cradle of the Hindu-Muslim-Sikh symbioses that made India great. It was made famous by the soft-spoken, and sweet tongued, Awadh-Lucknowi culture that was based on civilized behavior toward fellow human beings. Newly constructed Ambedkar Park adds on the beauty of this mesmerizing city.

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