Aminabad : Shopping Spree in Lucknow

As we considered the city of nawabs have many reasons to visit by peoples.   However, historical monuments and the famous cuisines are the key attractions of this historical city. But if you haven’t visited Lucknow famous shopping markets during the visit of city, then you haven’t experience the best of Lucknow.  As Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh which is also known for its best budget shopping destination.


This will definitely make anyone shopping a good experience. And when you move towards the markets of the city, you will be definitely finding the Aminabad market, one of the oldest markets of Lucknow. No wonder if I say there is no shopping place in Lucknow which can compete with Aminabad local market. It is the home of all type of fabulous shopping in Lucknow. Doesn’t matter what are you looking for, Aminabad shopping market has something for every shoppers which fulfill needs of everyone. Aminabad market is mainly famous for jewellery, books, Chikan embroidered clothing; especially wedding lehengas and sherwanis.

There are very large chain of garments shops which offers wedding clothes for bride and groom within cheap, average to premium budget. So you need not to worry about budget problem during wedding shopping in Aminabad Lucknow. And the best thing is bargaining!  If you are professional in bargaining, Aminabad may be the right location for cheap shopping in Lucknow. And when we are taking about the shopping and markets of Lucknow, how anyone forget to talk about the Chikankari work which is the most famous and delight of the city.


Chikan embroidery, renowned for its timeless grace and its gossamer delicacy, In fact, the craft is alive and struggling to regain some of its former beauty and elegance. Chikan embroidery is done on fine cotton fabric. The garments are first stitched and then embroidered, whereas skirts, saris, and table linen are first embroidered and then finished. As Lucknow is world famous for its chikan work, and Aminabad market co-relates with chikankari. There is always rushing here all the seven days of week. You can buy almost each and every thing from this market.  Aminabad is the main place of Chikan Garment Manufacturers, so if you want to purchase good quality Chikan Garment, then Aminabad is the ultimate place for you.  Market you can find Big Showrooms as well as medium range shops. This market provides latest trends and latest brands. In terms of price this Market is considered cheaper than the other markets of the city.

Aminabad Market is having few good restaurants also, so you can enjoy Chinese, South Indian, Fast Food and Indian meals in this market. Aminabad Tunday Kabab are also very famous, the taste of the kebabs are phenomenal as they are juicy and soft. Some other dishes like mutton keema were just right.

Tunde's Kababs in Lucknow

The bazaar of Aminabad is interesting even if you are window-shopping. In fact, there are few showrooms here; most of the shops flow into the streets with vendors sitting with their wares on the roads. Wholesale markets sell a wide range of goods: antique furniture, furnishings, utensils, dress materials, coolers, even vegetables. A good bargain is not difficult, if you have mastered the art of haggling.

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