Caterers in Lucknow

Ones you move for any party or any ceremony to any venue, the first thing which your entire guest, as well as the host mostly, attracted with one thing “the food”. All decoration, sounds, music’s, lights all get shattered, one thing which remains in our mind and over our tongue is the mouth watering food.


Firstly I would like to share that when we were in search of a venue for my daughter 1st birthday, I searched for the caterers in Lucknow. I found lots of options of caterers but I found the hotel myriad who were offering the catering service for both indoor as well as outdoor catering. We want venue as well as the catering service so we instantly booked the hotel myriad.

Seriously we didn’t expect the service was too good, we just loved all the arrangements from decoration to catering. Our entire guest really loves our hosting as well as the mouth-watering food, we just love the service of the hotel myriad. I must say that they are the best caterer in Lucknow.

for more info- catering service

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Myriad hotel is being a choice of Lucknow people. They give you a full comfort and luxury and providing deluxe room, banquet and business hall. They make your special day memorable one by their comfort, which would be unforgettable for their guest.

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