A New Door to Leisure & Comfort- Hotel Myriad

It’s getting almost a month when I have stayed in Hotel Myriad. I basically belong to Delhi and we had some official meeting in the city Lucknow. I have booked a room on twin-sharing basis. First of all, I want to give five-star ratings for the service provided by them. From the check-in to the check-out, they were so helpful. Room service was so much excellent. I had a doubt if the food quality is poor or good as I have stayed in many other hotels and end up getting the worst quality meal. I have booked my room on A.P basis, all the meals provided to me was of best quality and the taste was perfect.

Hotel in Lucknow has all types of modern accommodations like Wi-Fi, Wooden Floors , Tea Coffee maker, Spring Matrices, Centralized Air conditioners, LED’s, Satellite Cable ( Tata Sky ) & Mini Bars. You don’t have to think that you’ll be charged high because Hotel Myriad brings you all luxury at a down-to-earth price. A Banquet in Lucknow has one of the finest banquets of the city with facilities like sound proof, Superior quality foods & beverages and many things.

Being situated near Vidhan sabha Marg, one of the peaceful place of Lucknow, it will always keep you in a relaxed zone as you could not find any buzz of vehicles & people nearby. If one is looking for a budgeted hotel with high-class services, I highly recommend Hotel myriad to them.

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Myriad hotel is being a choice of Lucknow people. They give you a full comfort and luxury and providing deluxe room, banquet and business hall. They make your special day memorable one by their comfort, which would be unforgettable for their guest. hotelmyriad.in/

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