Hotel Myriad Add Luxury and Class to Your Special Event

I was recently invited to a wedding ceremony in Hotel Myriad and felt like this place needed an awesome review. Being the best Caterers in Lucknow, food was amazing and there were so many different dishes to choose from. The waiters were attentive the entire time and fulfilled everyone’s requests promptly. The manager was making sure everything went smoothly the entire time. Because of the finest services of Hotel Myriad, our event passed into goodness! The decor, lighting, food and service at impressions were beyond perfect. Everything was great at this place. All the rooms have been aesthetically designed and furnished with ultra modern facilities to take you to the next level of business luxury. The choice of rooms spells class combined with comfort. Warm earth tones in addition to the luxurious sitting and work areas create an inviting ambience for you to experience and enjoy.

Banquets in Lucknow

Banquets in Lucknow made me experience the actual meaning of luxury and royalty. From the taste of food to the luxury service, everything was superb. I went to many wedding ceremonies but this one was my favorite because it’s held on one of the finest location and over-whelmed environment. I could see the expression of every guest, engaged in giving compliments about its décor and services. Seriously we didn’t expect the service was too good, we just loved all the arrangements from decoration to catering. The entire guest over there really loves the hosting as well as the mouth-watering food; we just love the service of the hotel myriad.

Caterers in Lucknow

Hotels in Lucknow went beyond my expectations with their superior services. At a very reasonable price, you could only get luxury amenities at here only. I highly recommend Hotel for weddings or engagement parties, but it’s appropriate for any kind of event.  With this level of service, Impressions will never disappoint. I admire the planning and management that this venue offers.

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Bring the ambiance of pleasure with Hotel Myriad

I and my family came to Lucknow for spending holidays & we stayed at Hotel Myriad for two days. It was a very nice and comfortable stay. The hotel location was perfect as it is located at one of the peaceful and rush-free location, Vidhan sabha Marg Lucknow. You can feel a comfort of goodness while sitting in your room. The Manager was so caring and very soft spoken. Apart from their fine services, the interior was so luxury, accomplished with all modern generation facilities. They gave us all luxury services at reasonable rates.

Banquets in Lucknow have very welcoming, warm, and helpful staffs. We had a very short stay otherwise; we would have loved to stay longer because of the generous hospitality. As we came here to spend holidays, Hotels in Lucknow helped us to plan our sightseeing for both the days. We choose the modified American plan as we went for sightseeing and got our lunch there in a restaurant. They provided breakfast and dinner in hotel. It was beyond delicious, rich & nutritious. If I talk about tariffs, they have the best tariff rates that no one can give you against such luxury accommodations.

Banquets in Lucknow

Caterers in Lucknow have very clean, quiet & decent environment. The bathroom is also spacious and very clean. The bed was so comfortable and luxury that if I could take home, I would have done. These are the things that made me enjoy my stay at this hotel, but my warmest congratulations to the hotel for their choice of personnel. They know how to really make you feel at home, and if you need anything it is like asking a family member. I will always be thankful from the heart, for giving me such luxury and auspicious treatment. Thanks, Hotel Myriad!

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A New Door to Leisure & Comfort- Hotel Myriad

It’s getting almost a month when I have stayed in Hotel Myriad. I basically belong to Delhi and we had some official meeting in the city Lucknow. I have booked a room on twin-sharing basis. First of all, I want to give five-star ratings for the service provided by them. From the check-in to the check-out, they were so helpful. Room service was so much excellent. I had a doubt if the food quality is poor or good as I have stayed in many other hotels and end up getting the worst quality meal. I have booked my room on A.P basis, all the meals provided to me was of best quality and the taste was perfect.

Hotel in Lucknow has all types of modern accommodations like Wi-Fi, Wooden Floors , Tea Coffee maker, Spring Matrices, Centralized Air conditioners, LED’s, Satellite Cable ( Tata Sky ) & Mini Bars. You don’t have to think that you’ll be charged high because Hotel Myriad brings you all luxury at a down-to-earth price. A Banquet in Lucknow has one of the finest banquets of the city with facilities like sound proof, Superior quality foods & beverages and many things.

Being situated near Vidhan sabha Marg, one of the peaceful place of Lucknow, it will always keep you in a relaxed zone as you could not find any buzz of vehicles & people nearby. If one is looking for a budgeted hotel with high-class services, I highly recommend Hotel myriad to them.

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Caterers in Lucknow

Ones you move for any party or any ceremony to any venue, the first thing which your entire guest, as well as the host mostly, attracted with one thing “the food”. All decoration, sounds, music’s, lights all get shattered, one thing which remains in our mind and over our tongue is the mouth watering food.


Firstly I would like to share that when we were in search of a venue for my daughter 1st birthday, I searched for the caterers in Lucknow. I found lots of options of caterers but I found the hotel myriad who were offering the catering service for both indoor as well as outdoor catering. We want venue as well as the catering service so we instantly booked the hotel myriad.

Seriously we didn’t expect the service was too good, we just loved all the arrangements from decoration to catering. Our entire guest really loves our hosting as well as the mouth-watering food, we just love the service of the hotel myriad. I must say that they are the best caterer in Lucknow.

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