Hotels in Lucknow

The city of Nawabs has much more to offer than just technology, it is renowned for its amazing historical monuments and architecture. Come and experience this picturesque city while staying at the most popular budget hotel in Lucknow. Get some much needed rest and relaxation in the tastefully designed Smart Space rooms. Pick and choose from a variety of room types including Single, Twin and Standard rooms. The hotel has self-sufficient rooms that offer everything you need for your comfort and convenience.


The smartly designed living spaces are aptly complemented by a slew of Smart Basics features and amenities. Myriad hotel leading name in branded budget hotels in Lucknow, Myriad Hotel is an excellent choice for leisure and business travelers for the unique blend of comfort and efficiency that it provides. Hotel myriad provides an elevated standard of style, contemporary design and decor.

The state-of-the-art technology and amenities for commerce, leisure and relaxation make hotel Myriad an ideal choice for patrons, guests and travelers whether on business, leisure or a weekend retreat.  With spacious banquet and conference halls to choose from, along with the able assistance of their experienced event management team, you are sure to have a rocking celebration or business event.

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Hotels in Lucknow

Hotel myriad is the most beautiful hotel in the city to stay in. The staff was so very welcoming and helpful. It is an absolutely stunning hotel. We were so pleased with the staff and their willing to help and offer whatever services they could. This is a hotel where you know right away, that the owner as well as staff, really cares about their customer. The service, amenities and staff were excellent. The front desk is as good as gold and an outstanding asset.

Their warm greeting and captivating smile makes me feel like I am walking into my own house. Their professional attitude and calm demeanor adds to the positive front desk experience. He knows how to make a guest feel appreciated and welcomed. I have to also mention the very pleasant, yet hard working staff is remarkable.
They remember me each time I come here and greet me in such a warm manner that they makes you want to have to call for room service. I have observed there greet any passing guest in an upbeat and cheerful manner and that would brighten anyone’s day. I really like the myriad hotel service, from starting to end of my stay everything was just pleasant.

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Banquet Halls in Lucknow

Whenever we start searching for a place for any event we always prefer to go through the internet and search for the banquet or hotel. I search for the banquet halls in Lucknow over the internet, their I found the hotel myriad banquet hall which was offering the alluring banquet hall. I had the best experience with myriad banquet hall. The food was exceptional. It tasted superb and had generous portions.

As far as your staff, they were excellent they were helpful with everything I needed. They all were cordial, far beyond my expectations. The chef even went out of his way to personally introduce himself to me. The floor plan they designed was perfect. There was more than enough room for everyone and the activities; placing the kids on their own side of the room worked out great.
I especially appreciate the fact that they went out of your way to arrange for me to begin setting up early–I definitely needed the time. And of course I don’t need to say how elegant your building is–the girl’s at my son’s school couldn’t get over at how beautiful the hall looked. Seriously we really like the ravishing banquet hall which was just perfect and really above my expectation.

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Banquets in Lucknow

As the city is offering the alluring banquets, we choose the myriad hotel banquet for party. We just wanted to say a huge “thank you” for a fabulous party last weekend. We have founded the hotel myriad over the internet; I found their website which was really very engaging. I booked the banquet from their website in few clicks and got the confirmation with in some minutes. Everyone is still raving about it, from the room to the food and the service.

Their staff was incredibly helpful and there was nothing that we were left indeed. The last minute change to move the photo table near the dance floor ended up being the perfect set up as it kept everyone focused on the dance floor. We’ve had many compliments on the room decor, and they were so right about the decorations.
We were so glad that we choose the hotel myriad for our celebration, the banquet itself was very alluring. Finally, the staff is the best Somehow they all managed to be incredibly helpful and accommodating without being at all disruptive to the ongoing celebration. Our entire guest really liked and appreciated Myriad service and efforts. According to me it’s one of the best banquet halls in Lucknow.

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Relax in Perfection, Enhancing The Guest Experience

If you are a first time traveler in the city of Nawab, you want to acumen to search out an ideal hotel accommodation for yourself, ‘The Hotel Myriad is one of the best options. I can say this through my experience; when I went to the myriad first time and welcomed warmly. I can surely say that the hotel is a low budget rate of the rooms for those travelers who are planning to trim their travelling expenses.

Hotel provides luxurious and comfortable hotel with the best of services within your budget. The distinctive feature of hotel is high standard and quality accommodation catering to the needs of clients at reasonable rates. Elegant rooms are well-maintained, spacious and bright. These rooms include basic amenities such as telephone, in-room menu, air conditioning, colour television and in-room safe.
Beautifully appointed and furnished, all service epitomizes modern luxury and amenities to make your stay a productive and leisurely one. To put it simply, all residences are abodes of contemporary design and chic simplicity for all those who are looking for a wonderful stay in a hotel. They bring this experience to bear in providing the best overall experience for the guests.

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Hotels in Lucknow

Migrating to different-different places is my passion and work too, this time I was travelling to the city of Nawab ‘Lucknow’. The first thing which anyone search for, the place to stay. Before starting my journey I just take a walk in the world of internet, and search for the hotels in Lucknow. I was little amazed and confused while seeing so many options of hotels, from that bulk of option I choose the Myriad Hotel. I booked the room from their website in few clicks and got the confirmation.

The next day I took my step toward my trip and came to Lucknow and went to myriad, when I check-in in the hotel. The hotel overlooks the race course and is close to all the major commercial areas in Lucknow. The hotel offers 16 elegant rooms. All the rooms are air-conditioned and elegantly furnished with wooden flooring, and these rooms are meant to make you feel comfortable.



As when I entered in the room, the rooms come with comfortable and snug beds with spring mattresses, LCD television, Wi-Fi, writing table with chair, cupboard, telephone, en-suite bathrooms with 24-hour warm and cold running water and tea & coffee maker. I just love the service of the Myriad, from their front desk to the room service, all their staff was very co-operative and helped me whenever I am in need.

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Banquet Halls in Lucknow

When we talk about Banquets halls in Lucknow, we got vast variety of options with in the city. But technology had somehow put our difficulties to an easy path. As I am quoting these words because of my experience which I had, when I was searching for the banquet hall in Lucknow. It’s easier to find online, rather than searching manually.

When I searched for Banquet halls in Lucknow, I got so many options for venues, as I chose Hotel Myriad for my sister’s wedding. Myriad showcases a diverse range of superbly presented venue. From a ceremony to grand scale events, they have banquet for all occasions. Myriad Hotel is surrounded by centuries old monuments, the encircled local bazaar add flavors with mughal food & colorful Chikan (Persian) outfit adds beauty to the evenings of Awadh.


Hotel myriad follows the tradition and ensures highest level of services in the same Nawabi style. The alluring Banquet area is perfect for playing host to a large number of guests, who will most certainly be impressed with the world class services and gorgeous decorations. As hotel located close to the station and airport, the Myriad is an ideal venue, especially when we have a lot of outstation guests flying in for the wedding.

Having the expertise in organizing weddings, the hotel promises to customize the special day with finest arrangements. Pre-function room, corridors, and banquet lobby– all have been designed to offer a perfect setting for the ceremony.

You must choose Myriad for any occasion or ceremony, which will perfectly suits your personality and enhance your day with glory of the myriad.

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Versatile Banquets for all occasions

The embalming old world charm of cosmopolitan Lucknow now faces a peculiar challenge. It comes from the new age Lakhnawi who has access to every ingredient of life in a metro swanky malls, lifestyle stores, exclusive outlets, luxury cars, restaurants and fitness centers of world class chains.

The vibe of anyone wedding in a grand manner depends on how the evening is organized and one of the easiest ways to make your party feel welcoming and warm is with your wedding table. The trends are making everything very different. Now a day’s banquets are being decorated according to some theme, everything is becoming advanced and techno friendly.


Wedding fashions come and go, and it seems like every New Year brings fresh trends that defines the modern wedding experience. From wedding attire to flower arrangements, wedding favor  to reception themes, new trends can gain traction fairly quickly, and what was hot last year can turn decidedly cool by the time the new wedding season comes around. This is never truer than when it comes to catering and the food choices available in the city. Now, as always, your personal tastes should guide all of your planning decisions, and your wedding should ultimately reflect your own individual style. But knowing what’s hot and trending can help to inform your catering choices, and can present exciting alternatives to the tired old wedding fare.

Now a days, banquets are been offered with fully air-conditioned hall with almost own catering services. However only some banquets are dedicated to listening to the clients, seeing their vision and then bringing all of the elements together that make up a most memorable event with a flair of elegance.

Myriad banquet understands that every occasion is unique and has to be tailor made to address the specific needs of each client. Its aim is to provide customers the finest service, the best food, without unnecessary costs. Myriad has improved the quality of party of all its customers by only using nutritious, in season freshly cooked food produce sourced locally.


One wedding menu trend that has been gaining momentum over the last few years is the tasting station. This is a welcome alternative to the often stodgy sit down meals of the past. A series of tasting stations, with chefs interacting with your guests and preparing delicacies on the spot, helps to create a lively atmosphere and keeps everybody’s energy up. The old traditional wedding menu typically featured rather extravagant main courses, or at least the type of fare normally reserved for special occasions. But as trends change, couples are opting to incorporate their favorite comfort foods into their wedding menu.

So at last to incorporate the banquets trend which these days totally admire the masses to get indulge in. It is specifically known very wisely that the trends are meant for change & it will definitely work as well to enhance the creativity.


If you want quality food and absolutely chic and trendy party which people would remember then Myriad is the place to choose! Comes once and you’ll come always.

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Old to New Rendering of the City

Whenever we talk about Lucknow we always talk about its old charm and fossil market. As the city is capital of Uttar Pradesh and it has always been a multicultural city. It is popularly known as the City of Nawabs, but now today it is a vibrant city that is witnessing an economic boom and is among the top ten fastest growing non-major-metropolitan cities of India.


As the time is moving faster things are moving accordingly, the city is changing its version day by day, from its history till today every corner of the city illustrates its charm and symmetry. Courtly manners, beautiful gardens, poetry, music, and fine cuisine patronized by the Persian-loving Nawabs of the city are well known amongst Indians and students of South Asian culture and history.

Starting from the old to new transformation, we always look upon the oldest side of the city and it’s true that all the nawabi style were found in the old side of the city. And some of their effects were also highlighted in new version. The era of the Nawabs bestowed Lucknow with the courteous culture as well as mouthwatering delicacies for which it is famous today. Travel to Lucknow with us to find more information on this interesting city.

CDRI old building

Even after witnessing tremendous modernization, the city has managed to retain its age-old charm and glory. The warmth, and the hospitality and of the city have still not been lost. The era of nawabs also gifted Lucknow with the literature, music, dance and arts and crafts that draw tourists here. Infact, it was in the streets of the city only that Tabla and Sitar were born. Lucknow tourism brings one closer to the glorious day’s city, through a visit to its numerous monuments and ruins. This depicts the history and old bit of the city.

The city of Lucknow has a magical charm surrounding it. Be it its delicious cuisine or its heart melting culture, the city leaves an everlasting impression on its visitors. It is one of the few places where one can still find people saying ‘aap’, ‘janab’, ‘pehle aap’, etc. Even though flats have replaced Nawabi mansions, new version of the city were mostly seen as flamboyantic arena, the city is still as charismatic as before. So, sojourn Lucknow and lose yourself in the magic and allure of the city. You must try to come on your vacation and visit the city with its old and new charm. And could grasp the reflections of the city in two ancillaries.



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Aminabad : Shopping Spree in Lucknow

As we considered the city of nawabs have many reasons to visit by peoples.   However, historical monuments and the famous cuisines are the key attractions of this historical city. But if you haven’t visited Lucknow famous shopping markets during the visit of city, then you haven’t experience the best of Lucknow.  As Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh which is also known for its best budget shopping destination.


This will definitely make anyone shopping a good experience. And when you move towards the markets of the city, you will be definitely finding the Aminabad market, one of the oldest markets of Lucknow. No wonder if I say there is no shopping place in Lucknow which can compete with Aminabad local market. It is the home of all type of fabulous shopping in Lucknow. Doesn’t matter what are you looking for, Aminabad shopping market has something for every shoppers which fulfill needs of everyone. Aminabad market is mainly famous for jewellery, books, Chikan embroidered clothing; especially wedding lehengas and sherwanis.

There are very large chain of garments shops which offers wedding clothes for bride and groom within cheap, average to premium budget. So you need not to worry about budget problem during wedding shopping in Aminabad Lucknow. And the best thing is bargaining!  If you are professional in bargaining, Aminabad may be the right location for cheap shopping in Lucknow. And when we are taking about the shopping and markets of Lucknow, how anyone forget to talk about the Chikankari work which is the most famous and delight of the city.


Chikan embroidery, renowned for its timeless grace and its gossamer delicacy, In fact, the craft is alive and struggling to regain some of its former beauty and elegance. Chikan embroidery is done on fine cotton fabric. The garments are first stitched and then embroidered, whereas skirts, saris, and table linen are first embroidered and then finished. As Lucknow is world famous for its chikan work, and Aminabad market co-relates with chikankari. There is always rushing here all the seven days of week. You can buy almost each and every thing from this market.  Aminabad is the main place of Chikan Garment Manufacturers, so if you want to purchase good quality Chikan Garment, then Aminabad is the ultimate place for you.  Market you can find Big Showrooms as well as medium range shops. This market provides latest trends and latest brands. In terms of price this Market is considered cheaper than the other markets of the city.

Aminabad Market is having few good restaurants also, so you can enjoy Chinese, South Indian, Fast Food and Indian meals in this market. Aminabad Tunday Kabab are also very famous, the taste of the kebabs are phenomenal as they are juicy and soft. Some other dishes like mutton keema were just right.

Tunde's Kababs in Lucknow

The bazaar of Aminabad is interesting even if you are window-shopping. In fact, there are few showrooms here; most of the shops flow into the streets with vendors sitting with their wares on the roads. Wholesale markets sell a wide range of goods: antique furniture, furnishings, utensils, dress materials, coolers, even vegetables. A good bargain is not difficult, if you have mastered the art of haggling.

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